Now playing all across West Sussex and Hampshire.
What we're all about

About Us
We're a five piece covers band comprising of vocals, lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar, bass, and drums. And we play awesome covers.

For us, it's about entertaining people. And doing things a little bit differently. Because you see we try and focus on not being a normal sort of covers band. For us we're keen to be different, and play songs that people love, but things that are a little less run-of-the-mill.

Our set list spans different decades, and different genres. All of our songs are recognisable, but they're definitely not the standard covers that pub bands bang out over and over again. So what we play are definitely awesome covers as opposed to an endless stream of clichéd pub-rock standards.

We're available for pubs, clubs, celebrations and parties, and there's nothing like live music to get your event going. So why not contact us to find out more?


Members of The Awesome Covers Band

Sarah Dover-McCarthy

The girl in the band who - generally speaking - keeps us all in check. Sarah's voice has a huge presence which gives her the opportunity to power through the set. She's normally found with an asthma inhaler and packet of cigarettes, but you don't need to worry yourself about that.
She also has the unimaginable challenge of being married to Bass Player Dom™; something that we can't even start to comprehend. When she's not singing with the Awesome Covers Band, she's normally found running her Physiotherapy clinic, and has had to step in to deliver running repairs to most of the band.

Jonathan 'Jono' Leahy

Jono's acoustic rhythm guitar is the absolute foundation of what we do, and this fullness of sound of the things that makes us unique. Jono also brings outstanding backing vocals, and his songwriting and production abilities ensure that he finds the right spot in all that we do.
Hugely experienced in playing live, he's played with a massive number of bands and outfits across the years. Jono is also about nine feet tall, and a real test to the reach of microphone stands. Outside of the band, he does something very clever with computers. So if you ask nicely he'll fix your printer.

Tom Dover

Tom joined the rest of the band in early 2022, completing the line up and allowing the project to move forward. Tom is another veteran of the local music scene, having played in a huge number of bands over the years. Strong solos and a whole collection of shimmery noises come out of a pedal board which would scare someone from Nasa, Tom really brings something quite special to things.
And yes, we really do have a Tom Dover and a Dom Dover in the band, but completely unrelated. We think. He's also accompanied Sarah and Dom on the odd golf trip, which involves more drinking than being in the band.

Dom Dover-McCarthy

Famous for his somewhat erratic behaviour (and frankly distressing stage wear) Dom rumbles away at the bottom - in life as well as in the band. Surprisingly, given his lack of insight and planning, he was the founder of the Awesome Covers Band and overall attempts to steer things in a generally forward direction.
He played with Nick in well known local band Singfield, and wrote a book about the experience, which ended up in multiple court cases with the rest of that particular band. Outside of the band he's a web designer along with a trance producer, mainly due to his love of sitting on his own in dark rooms.

Nick Richardson

Nick has played in bands since God was a lad and can play in an incredibly broad range of styles. He has an absolute LOVE of drummer jokes, and wants to hear them at every opportunity, so if you see him why not tell him one? Nick played with Dom in local band Singfield, which - upon reflection - was more of a drinking club that played instruments if we're being honest.
With his absolutely metronomic sense of time, he also enjoys windsurfing, men who aren't afraid to cry, and the most expensive red wines known to humanity.
Gallery and Samples

Media and Samples
Below you'll find a few pictures of us and some video, just so you can get an idea of who we are. We're looking forward to going into the studio soon to record a proper demo but for now you can enjoy some footage filmed on people's phones at a recent event. Sadly this means that it sounds like it was recorded on a potato, but there we go.

You can also see more of us - including exclusive rehearsal footage - by following this link to find our awesome YouTube channel.

Want to find out more

Get in contact with us
If you're looking at getting in contact, then why not drop a quick email to to say hello. It might be that you're looking for someone to play at a gig you've got coming up, or it might be that you're a lawyer that has finally caught up with one of Dom's old debts. We're always pleased to hear from people (well, apart from the lawyers).

Whilst you're here why not follow us on Facebook, just to get a feel for who we do. You can find us by following this link. We know that Facebook isn't for everyone but Instagram is essentially a theatre of lies and we're not on Snapchat because we're not thirteen years old. Nopity nopity nope.