We’re the Awesome Covers Band, and we’re currently looking for an acoustic rhythm guitarist and a drummer to complete our line up.

what's the plan
We're putting together a band to play gigs around the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire area.

We’re assembling a five piece covers band: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm guitar, bass, and drums.

We’re not looking at a) being famous b) playing pro-gigs every weekend (weddings, funerals or barmitzvahs) or c) playing in an environment where we’re shouting at each other in a continually stressy environment as we strive for musical perfection.

We also like to think this isn't about playing an endless stream of ‘normal’ pub-rock covers. You know the ones. The sort of song that you see a band banging out, hating themselves whilst drunk aunties wave their hands in the air shortly before falling over.

That’s not the plan. That's not the plan at all.

who's on board
The Awesome Covers Band already have a vocalist, lead guitarist and bass player from the now defunct Singfield (who came to an end when their drummer selfishly moved to California, the little scamp).

Sarah, Nick and Dom are betweeen 38 and 45 years old, and are pretty sensible people. They've all got proper jobs, and proper lives and, let's be honest, aren't rock stars. However they ARE people who just love playing music.

You can get an idea of the sort of stuff that we used to play, and a general level of musical ability from the following two links. They just us messging around in the studio, to be honest, when someone had a video camera with them. Singfield - Waiting to Fall and Singfield - Stagger Man Blues
who's on board


who are we looking for?

We're looking for an acoustic rhythm guitarist

We need someone who’s happy and confident playing acoustic guitar in a rhythm capacity. There may be some scope also for electric rhythm too, but ultimately the sound we've got in mind is very much with an acoustic rhythm guitar.

You’ll be providing the total rhythmic and harmonic bed for the songs, and will be having a REAL prescence in the sound, so a complete confidence in this is needed. Most of the songs will be strummy strummy strum strum, but the ability to get in with some picking is also needed. You know the kinda thing; have a listen to Frank Turner and you’ll get the idea.

The ability to change strings in a hurry will probably also be a bonus. And if you can join Sarah and Nick with vocals, that would be good too.

We're looking for a super dooper drummer

Let's face it - when the drums sound good, it ALL sounds good. We need someone who is able to play in a range of styles, and is able to truly use their drums as the instrument they are. The music that we're intending to play will need a lot of versitility, so there'll be lots of opportunity to do lots of different things.

You’ll also be expected to be able to take an endless stream of drummer jokes, because some things are just what they are. You’ll also need the ability to translate ‘non-drummer speak’ into music – you know the sort of thing, where the vocalist says “Just go Duh.Duh. Bang. Dah-dah-DAH!”. Yeah, that.

Key to it as ever is locking in with the bass guitar, so you'll need that inherent telepathic ability that drummers/bass players have!

Needless to say, the expectation of both is that you’ve got a gear and transport, flexibility to rehearse and gig. We're looking for people around 30 to 55, just so we're all on roughly the same page when it comes to things.

We’re not looking at complete virtuoso levels of musicianship, because Sarah, Nick and Dom are far from that. But, we’re looking for a good level of confidence, a good level of competence, and the skill to be able to listen to proposed tracks, and rearrange, and get on board with what we're doing.

When it comes to auditions, we're really focused on making sure the character fit is right. The ability to play, and hit the chords at the right time is - to be honest - a bit of a given. We're really focused on making sure we get on, and we're all on the same page. Therefore the chances are we'll just ask for a couple of videos or audio of you playing, and then we'll pop down the pub for a couple of pints and a good old natter.

the setlist
So we’re not looking at just banging out an endless stream of world weary standards. If anyone ever suggests playing ‘I Love Rock ‘n Roll’ then they’ll be set on fire, for example. We’ve also a keenness to bring lots of modern songs to the set. Therefore, you’ll need to have a real openness to different tracks. We’ve a huge bunch of possible ideas, songs from the 80’s, 90’s, modern pop songs to be reworked into a pub pop/rock band style.

We’ve even got some trance songs on the list, which will need reworking, and hey there's even a couple of tv theme tunes in there (no, wait, come back, they're good songs!) See, the plan isn’t to play obscure Ben Harper B sides or bootlegs that would only appeal to the rare muso in the audience (whilst they nod at us in a knowing way). Instead it's to play some great tunes, probably in new and exciting ways.

There are so many great songs out there there’s no excuse not to bring them to a different audience. And MAYBE there'll be some originals thrown in, great songs that we’ve picked up in various bands along the way. And you know what, if you’ve got some great originals too, then that’s just fine. Let’s throw it all in. As long as they’re awesome.

So below are some of the songs that we've picked up along the way as this project has been formed and started to be put together. Of course, it doesn't mean that this is the full set list; these are just ideas that mainly Dom and Sarah came up with whilst sitting with a couple of boxes of wine, guitars, and YouTube.

The view is NOT to take these songs and try and replicate them 'as per the record'. Some of them are going to need a major rework, some of them should be fairly easy just to play as they are. Maybe rearrange them a little. Slow some of them down, speed some of them up. Who knows?!


So,that's the deal!

If you're interested, then drop us a line today. Send an email in the first instance to studio@domshouse.com with your contact details and we can have a bit of a natter. As you know, these things can take a bit of time to get together, so looking for your patience as we find the right personnel. The plan would be to have a chat about what it is, your experience etc. When it comes to 'auditions' we're keen not to audition in the established sense. What we'd like to see though is some footage of you playing. Hopefully you'll already have something online, or can always get your mate to film you on their phone.

Important to the whole process though is making sure that we're people who you'd want to be in a band with, and that there's a good chemisty as that's 99% of the work done. Therefore, I'm sure 'going out for a curry' will be a crucial part of the plan. So drop us an email for more information.